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As aging presents daily challenges, our Personal Care Services at On Demand Staffing Solutions provide relief. Recognizing the physical and mental hurdles faced by the elderly, especially in Edmonton, we offer top-tier, affordable care. 

Looking after a loved one is a fulfilling yet intense responsibility. We understand the dual need to support both the person receiving care and their caregivers. Through our Relief/Respite Care Services, we deliver both solace and company. Our aim is to uphold a harmonious and rewarding lifestyle for everyone involved.

Our program aids clients and their families as they navigate the daily hurdles of conditions like dementia, including Alzheimer’s. Our skilled team delivers compassionate and respectful personal care, emphasizing the cultivation of meaningful relationships in a secure setting.

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At On Demand, we recognize the intrinsic value of comfort and familiarity that one’s home brings, especially amidst the challenges of aging. Our dedicated team of experienced caregivers is passionate about delivering personalized in-home healthcare services, ensuring every individual retains their independence while receiving the essential care they need. 



Beyond just meeting healthcare needs, On Demand prides itself on building genuine connections with our clients. Our emphasis on positive social interactions, coupled with our range of services, makes us not just caregivers, but a reassuring presence, standing as an extension of your family – always caring, always present.

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